How to Choose An Engagement Ring!

How To Choose An Engagement Ring According To A Well Known Jewelry Designer

 Buying an engagement ring is a minefield. While the old rule of having to spend three months' salary may no longer apply, the pressure is undoubtedly on for what will likely be a couple's most significant luxury purchase yet.

Diamonds are still the top choice and yet the whole process is an intimidating one. Perhaps you are hoping to surprise your other half with their dream ring and don't know where to begin? Or maybe you're looking together and are overwhelmed by choice, sales patter and the complicated ins and outs of the "Five C's"?

From London to New York to her native New Zealand, Jessica McCormack has guided many a discerning bride through the entire process, and ensured they end up with a ring they want to wear forever. Here, she shares her essential advice.

Trust your instincts

Your initial response to a ring is probably the right one.

Listen to your heart, not your head

When you look for a diamond, my recommendation is to go by eye and what your heart says before your brain kicks in. Like a piece of art, you have to have an affinity with the stone. Do your due diligence afterwards, otherwise you can get bogged down in the paperwork. Remember it’s an emotional reaction you're after: it's not science, it’s LOVE.

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